I am a dreamer, and a God-seeker.
I am a MOTHER and a wife.
 I am a homemaker, a chocolate lover, and a laughter addict.
Love to readwriteCREATE.

I got married young. 20 years old to be exact. I was a baby. I wasn't smart, I barely knew myself. I had no business making a decision as real as choosing who to spend the rest of my life with.
I chose him. "Mr. B."
I was sure it would all work out. Because life was good and we were in love.
I am amazed, to this day, that the decision I made 12 years ago was the best one of my life.
For such a clueless child, I was pretty smart.
I am in love with him. Still.

We have four gorgeous babies together.
Beck is 9.
Evie is 8.
Britt is 5.
Lilla is 8 months.

There is so much love here.
Our hearts are full; spilling over the brim.
Stories & Toast is where I share it all.
Because, when you are so full, it's got to spill out somewhere.
My cup runneth over.

...It is all a gift from My God.

You'll read about:

home, family values, motherhood, essential oils, homeschooling, natural living, recipes, favorite literature, birth, beautiful things, nursing, fashion, decorating, funny stuff, health and wellness, friendship, ministry, travel, dreams and whatever else my little mind fancies...

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