Thursday, June 30, 2016

Current Thought-Life

  • Life in-flux is not my most becoming look. I whine and fret and drive my poor husband to the brink daily. But God is doing some big life-work in me in this season and the beauty of that reality is bright and shining and worth every uncertainty.
  • The Find-A-Pen-and-Draw-On-All-Surfaces stage of toddlerhood is really a very inopportune time to be in an Airbnb for a month. Like...a really, really bad time. #ruinallthethings
  • I hoped so hard that said toddler would wean from breastfeeding while I was away for 6 days. She didn't. Her: still going strong. Me: not excited.
  • Peach iced tea steeped in the scorching June sun: nectar of the gods.
  • Wondering: Do people even read blogs anymore? I know people write them...but who reads them?
  • We have a pet turtle in the temp housing. Its equal parts icky and fascinating. I'm torn between feeling sad that there's a mini-dino trapped in a tank in the corner and being terrified by my day dreams that it somehow crawls out and clicks around on the tile floor, all slow and prehistoric.
  • My boys are watching The Sandlot and it makes me inordinately happy. Such a classic.
  • My little sister just had her second son last week...I can't wait to get my hands on all 10+ lbs of him. He's perfection; and his name is he's just the kind of guy I'd like to meet.
  • I'm currently reading ALL of Susan Branch's life-story books. Every time I sit with her book it's like a squeeze from a friend. So cozy and comfy with the perfect dash of inspiration thrown in. 
  • Life is weird. And hard and incredible and beautiful and such a struggle. I want to live it well. 
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