Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Boxed Banana Bread

This morning my girl and I woke early, before the noise and hustle of rowdy boys, to mix up a little breakfast. 

I love a from-scratch recipe. Revel in the creating something from a few eggs, flour, sugar...

But some seasons in life demand a change; a shift from the ideal to the doable. 

I am a perfectionist. Like...the sort of perfectionist who wants it all right and wants it all right now. And if I can't have those things I don't do it. I just quit. 

I haven't baked in months. Something I used to do quite regularly with the kids. But the demands of baby around the house and business commitments and working outside the home and homeschool and...and...and...the list never seems to end and it has totally taken the mojo out of my inner Domestic Goddess. Like, that girl is hiding under a rock somewhere. She's hibernating. 

I bought a boxed mix of banana bread the other day. The Domestic Goddess peeked out, cringed from her remote corner of my subconscious, and went back into hiding. 

My kids have been begging to use the kitchen with me. Especially my little shadow and former sous chef (you know...back when I had the time), Evie. So that boxed mix was our re-entry point. Back to the kitchen we go. With our box of dry ingredients in hand and a giant smile on my girl-child's face. Dear Domestic Goddess, shove it.

Really there are some things you can do to a boxed mix of banana bread that redeem it. Did you know?

You can toss in some dark chocolate chunks or walnuts - which is the route we chose. Chop up some candied ginger and enjoy the little zing that gives you (the Goddess really appreciates that one). Put in an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract or a drop of cinnamon or nutmeg essential oil.

Anything! But, for goodness sake, get in the kitchen with your kids even if it takes a boxed mix to get you there. Just show up and make some kitchen magic with your babies. Mine literally did tribal dances around the house (yep...the boys woke up mid-bake) when they caught the scent of baked goods coming from the oven. The three big kids all sat around the table buzzing with satisfaction and the baby got her first taste of straight-from-the-oven bread. If I had a baby book for her (hi, fourth child...forgive me) I would write the date there. It's important.

Also. Just a note. There is something sexy about chocolate chunks as opposed to chocolate chips. I shall never buy chocolate chips again. How gross. Chocolate chunks, all irregular and earthy, those are my new sex-pot ingredient. The Goddess is nodding. 

If you have the time and want to make something truly fantastic, visit my old blog here. Sigh...I love that place. Memories. And make the super-fab Banana Bread for Grown-Ups. My very, very favorite. It's got the chocolate and ginger and walnuts. Oh my. And make it with dark chocolate chunks because it's for grown-ups and...the chunks are sexy. So. You're welcome.

Another boxed favorite: Ghirardelli brownies. They will not disappoint!


  1. Made me happy to read your blog and see your pictures and know that you are once again savoring the things that cannot be measured except by the heart. God Bless you dear girl.


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