Saturday, May 11, 2013


Realizing it may take a month or so to get my blog mojo back and in working order.

I feel a little...tongue tied.
What in the world do I write here?
My life has been so much about bodily functions, blood pressures, trauma protocols...
Have I become a frightful bore?
{Maybe yes.}

But. You need to know: I'm here.
I'm thinkin'.
I'm loving this new blog space.
I'm devising some interesting posts.
I just may need a little time to merge back into the Land of the Living.

In other news: 

I've been an 'gramming fool lately.
I mean seriously clogging up everyone's feeds with my little life in pictures.
It's a mild raging addiction.

If you want to follow along find me:

I'll be posting here soon. 
Pinky swear!

I just read the best book. 
And I've been cooking lots.
And I got a job. 
More on that soon-ish!

Kissy Kiss.