Monday, April 29, 2013

Insatiable Reader :: Bread & Wine

{I used to blog my book reviews over at my book blog, The Insatiable Reader. But I've decided to streamline the blogging and include book reviews here at Stories and Toast. I'll leave my old stomping grounds on the web in case you want to use my previous book reviews, but will be posting new book I read here. I hope you're game for some good book-talk!}

What a perfect book for my first Stories and Toast review. This writing is exactly the kind of writing I love. It resonates and connects. It's real and juicy and you can almost taste the flavors and feel the love around Shauna's table. She's one of those writers (like Adrianna Trigiani, Kelle Hampton, and Anne Lamott) that makes you feel deeply and be willing to bet just about anything that you'd be best friends with her if only you could meet her in person. {which, inevitably, makes you feel a little bit like a creep.}

When I read Molly Wizenberg's memoir A Homemade Life I knew that was the type of book I would want to write if I wrote a book. The kind of book to be proud of. This is that kind of book.

Shauna talks about celebrating life around the table. It's about the sacredness of filling the people you love - their bellies and their spirits. She says that food is not only physical but spiritual as well - as Jesus demonstrated when he gathered his disciples at the last supper.

This book will surely have you rattling pots and pans in the kitchen - I've made three of the recipes so far and they're all delicious. All I have to say is: Annette's Enchiladas, page 144. Do it. And you're going to want to start a Cooking Club. I promise. It's got my wheels turnin'.

Shauna can write no wrong in my book. I've sung her praises before:
My review of Cold Tangerines is here.
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{Abby. I want you to know that I think of you every time I settle in to read Shauna. I am endlessly grateful that you introduced me to her writing. And feel just a little honored that you thought of me when you read her.}

And, please share with me what you are reading or what you did read or what you will read!
I'm a sucker for book-talk.


  1. I've heard so many great things about her writing. I think I need this book. She's going to be speaking at Hope Spoken next year, I so wanna go. have you seen her line collaboration with Lindsay Letters?

  2. I have discovered an author via free kindle books that I am enjoying right now...her name is Chautona Havig and the first series I read was about a gal whose sister and brother in law died in a car accident and she inherits their 8 children. It was very interesting...the author herself has 9 kids which made it even more interesting to me. It is christian fiction but not the typical kind...probably even more conservative than most. Which I also found fascinating. It was almost Duggar like...dresses, homeschooling, cooking, etc.
    Anyhow, all her other books I have read are set in the same town, even though not all of the characters intertwine or overlap. I don't think she's actually the best writer, but I love her stories. Plus she is mainly a Kindle writer which I also find fascinating. Not sure she actually publishes hard covers of her books...or most of them anyhow.


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